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4 home remedies for deep conditioning long hair

By: Dani Arthur * Totally-long-hair.com

Open the pantry! These four simple home remedies deep condition long hair for less.

If you're like most ladies, you put a lot of effort into dressing up your long hair. Oftentimes hair styles go against the natural texture of your hair. If your hair is curly, you straighten it. Conversely, if your hair is straight, you curl it.

Deep conditioning home remedies for long Pentecostal hair
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Long hair can only take so much styling from the arsenal of hair beauty products and pro styling tools lining your vanity. Sure-fire signs of "tress distress" are when your hair is dry and brittle, has frizzy, straw-like ends, lacks elasticity and bounce, breaks easily and appears dull, says Cindy Bernacett, a licensed cosmetologist from Davy, Fla.

It's time for a deep conditioning long hair treatment. You need to restore the moisture and nutrients in your long hair.

While many excellent deep conditioning hair treatments are available to buy, you can easily raid your kitchen for the perfect home remedy for dry, damaged hair. As an added bonus, these all-natural long hair treatments cost less!

Check out our four favorite home remedies for deep conditioning your long hair.

Raw eggs benefit long hair growth Raw eggs polish and shine long hair
Mayonnaise benefits long hair growth Mayonnaise boosts healthy long hair
Avocados benefit long hair growth Avocados are wonderful moisturizers for long hair
Bananas nourish long hair growth Bananas are a healthy long hair snack

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