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Virgin coconut oil benefits hair growth

By: Dani Arthur * Totally-long-hair.com

Using extra virgin coconut oil as a hair treatment conditions dry hair, promotes hair growth and protects the scalp from fungal infections and harmful UV rays.

Extra virgin coconut oil nourishes long hair. It adds moisture, shine, and bounce to dry, damaged hair. Plus, this natural conditioner strengthens hair shafts, replaces lost proteins, vitamins and minerals, and seals split ends.

Where does coconut oil come from

Virgin coconut oil benefits long hair growth
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The coconut palm tree flourishes in sandy, tropical regions. These trees require plenty of sunlight, rainfall and high humidity. Coconut palms easily take root in sandy soils, withstanding poor quality soils and relentless ocean breezes.

The coconut palm is native to the Pacific islands and coastal regions of Asia, Africa and South America.

Historically Asian and Pacific Islanders extensively relied on coconut medicinally and firmly held that pure virgin coconut oil cured many illnesses. Today, coconut oil is used extensively in cooking and as a nutritious food source, plus used for its health, skin and hair benefits. Plus, research supports its healing and restorative benefits.

Coconut oil health benefits

The meat of the coconut is rich in fiber, protein and high in minerals, such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. Coconut milk also contains fiber, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The milk is widely used in sports drinks to maintain an isotonic electrolyte balance. These vitamins and minerals are good for your body -- and good for hair growth.

Nearly half of the fatty acid content in coconuts is lauric acid, a saturated medium chain fatty acid, reports the Coconut Research Center (CRC), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating on the benefits of coconut and palm products. Recent research has proven that lauric acid is an effective antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agent, states the CRC.

According to the CRC, studies of lauric acid have concluded that it kills the bacteria causing ulcers, gum and throat infections, pneumonia and urinary tract infections. Also, lauric acid destroys skin and scalp fungi and yeast infections, such as dandruff, candida, ringworm, athlete's foot, thrush and diaper rash.

Plus, this amazing tropical oil is also being researched as a treatment against chronic fatigue syndrome, Chrohn's disease, liver and kidney diseases, AIDS, SARS and cancer.

Virgin coconut oil, the highest grade, is also a natural antioxidant, protecting our bodies from the damaging impact of free radicals. What are free radicals? Simply put, free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that lack an electron. So they 'attack' healthy cells to gain an electron, in turn damaging that cell.

This process of free radical oxidation occurs naturally within our bodies, but external factors (such as harmful UV rays) can speed up this process and destroy healthy cells at a faster rate. If your body lacks antioxidants, then free radicals run wild, ultimately leading to health issues, premature aging and degenerative diseases. Antioxidants work to maintain a healthy balance.

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